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Luna Mae is participating in a Dutch online Youtube talent show 'Giels Talentenjacht'. 
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This is her song: Daddy 


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Luna Mae, diva in the making.. Formerly known as the backing vocalist of famous Dutch artists Waylon & Glennis Grace, now steps into the spotlight by herself. The much talked about, almost notorious group of musicians which Luna forms a part of, further comprising i.a. Gerson Main, Badjekkah, Sarah-Jane and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood4Real’ family, keeps continuously inspiring and motivating each other. This also applies for Luna Mae. And so she never stands still.


Luna Mae recently released her first single ‘Butterfly’ (nov. 2014) and EP ‘Sky’ (feb. 2015). The 14th of august her second single ‘Sugar’ came out, along with a sizzling summery music video. All produced by the multi talented Gino-Cochise (Badjekkah and Pink Oculus).


In 2013 Luna Mae performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival with none other than Lakecia Benjamin (Stevie Wonder and Macy Gray). Over the last 5 years she toured places in- and outside Europe where people got a chance to admire Luna Mae. Places like North Sea Jazz Curaçao, ‘Vrienden van Amstel Live’ (Dutch live TV concert), and the opening of Val Thorens ski season in France.


Not only musically Luna Mae is very creative. Besides that she composes and writes, she also edits her own music videos. She even designed her own logo and every now and then she does body paint and face art/make-up too.


All this when Luna Mae is only 23 years old. Needless to say, with a musician as a father, who once was the support act for U2. As a young girl Luna Mae was surrounded by Punk-Rockers and New Wavers. When she turned 16 she started her first music education in Amsterdam (ROC Music-Artist). After that she studied at the conservatory of Rotterdam.


Lots of gigs, harmonies, stages and miles further it’s time for the next big step.. the step to center stage.

I sing, write & breathe music. Music is my state of being.

Luna Mae


You need to know what is bad before, you will know what is good

Luna Mae


Coming soon

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